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Asleep in Fukuoka.

March 5, 2010

Hello readers!

My semester ended on February 15, and so many things were happening I couldn’t find time to post. We had an end of term party that night, and another party with all the tutors the next night, and the night after we went to a drag show musical. I intended to visit Kayci in France, so I took the night bus to Tokyo and flew home to Atlanta, where I visited my family. I tried to get on a flight to Paris as a standby, but the air traffic controllers at both airports went on strike, so that was hopeless. I tried to fly back to Japan instead and had no luck getting a flight, but held out in the hope I’d get lucky and get to fly back on the discounted ticket. After a week I gave up and bought the cheapest flight I could find to return to Japan with a confirmed seat. I flew through Chicago and Tokyo to Osaka, where I stayed overnight at Hotel Toyo and took the Shinkansen back to Fukuoka.

Seeing my family was wonderful, and as it happened my cousin McKinley, my maternal grandfather (G-dad) and my paternal grandmother (BB) were in town on the warm and sunny day I arrived. I have never been so sick of winter! I couldn’t sleep well at all, so I am feeling much better now that I am back in Japan.

I will put up photos from home some time.



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