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Day 1 Shanghai

May 27, 2011
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May 27, 2011

First day in Shanghai

Chefs huddled out by some rubble under the window and kids ran down the alley. I drank both our free milks (courtesy of the hotel). Nobi (the Ty giraffe we adopted in Detroit) stayed home (grudgingly). We saw Family Mart (flashback to Japan) and sat by the window eating (too hot [Joy: “he deserved it”]) Thai noodles in a Japanese restaurant on my first day in China (!?). Took the super-new (just like Seoul) subway line 10 to Renmin guangchang [People’s Square] and saw curved Paris-esque storefronts and new high-rises, kids and flowers in the park, lots of high heels. Passed by the city museum and the art museum (now free) and stopped at 85 Degrees Café for snacks. Drank “sea salt green tea” (sea salt foam on top, honey on the bottom). Drink down through the green tea in the middle and get three flavors at once. Did I mention it was one dollar? Are some kinds pastry with cabbage and ham on bread (fresh baked) and took a rest. Walked all the way down Nanjing Road to the Bund and saw the Huangpu River, full of barges carrying coal, garbage, people. Walked “the Bund” along the river, a strip of European monumental buildings in stone circa 1900, facing the water. Now mostly banks. Pudong New District across the water is all futuristic buildings like an old sci-fi movie (on Mars). Had juicy meat mooncake and fruit juice (pear-mango), fresh pressed in a store selling sea cucumbers for $1000 per 500g (devil fruit?!). Ogled fancy chopsticks in a chopstick store. Sunset brought nightscape on the crowded shore, two couples dressed for a wedding taking photos on Waibaidu Bridge. Passed the “Monument to the People’s Heroes” and neon-flashing boats. The Bund lit up at night. Watched a tiny kid taking photos of her dad. Made our subway from Nanjing road back to Wujiaochang and passed the xiaolongbao [steamed soup-pastries] in a mall, ate dinner in Xinwang Chacanting [Teahouse and Restaurant]. Ate chashugu [mushrooms] in a clay pot, fried shrimp and greens, and garlic-stuffed sigua [towel squash] (the best). Shopped for toiletries down in the basement and outside saw kids roller-skating in a streetside rink. Searched and searched for a cab. Stood in line at a cab stand for a while and got on home before midnight. Hit the bed and slept with socks on [hen chou].


Pudong, Shanghai, across from the Bund.

Hao chi ma?


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