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Day 4 Shanghai

June 2, 2011
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May 30, 2011

Fourth day in Shanghai

All about hot pot. Chuanshuozhong de [legendary] huoguo [hot pot] at Haidilao Huoguo. Three hour feast! Came in around four and got a seat by the window. We ordered half white and half spicy soup served partitioned in the middle. Scooped ingredients and mixed sauces at the sauce bar and got tomatoes, peanuts and watermelon. Into the boiling pot went meatballs, whole crabs, fish heads, leafy greens, spongy tofu, spoonfuls of seafood paste served on ice. Legendary service! They cleaned the table and replaced dirty plates, filled our drinks–even cleaned my glasses. Outside the bathroom, at the sink, they turn on the tap for you, put the soap on your hands, hand you a towel and say goodbye when you leave. After seven, left happy.

Explored Tienzifang, lots of old buildings called shikumen [stone storehouse gates] after the stone gates that symbolize old Shanghai. Lots of shops on the bottom floors lined the narrow streets. Clothes hung above taut low electrical wires. Explored a leather shop, photo studio, and a tea shop where we spoke Japanese and Chinese with the clerk. Didn’t need dinner.

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