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Day 6 Shanghai

June 4, 2011
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June 1, 2011

Sixth day in Shanghai: Joy goes home, Xujiahui Cathedral

Childrens’ Day. Moved to Blue Mountain Bund [蓝山] youth hostel, rolling Joy’s bag like a big dog. Got a room right off the open deck on the sixth floor (of the 20+ story building) where kittens slept in a pile by the door. Ate 小杨生煎 [(a different) Yang’s fried dumplings] and beef noodle soup nearby, and rode the subway through Pudong to the airport. Joy flew to Chengdu and I rode back into town to Xujiahui, where a brick cathedral sticks out among highrises. Next door an apartment building topped with stone angels and saints held the clergy. A priest in white stood in the doorway. Families came to play in the park before the church, and others came to take photos.

On Nanjing Road three middle-aged women in the space of 100 meters addressed me in English pushing some scam or another. I picked rice, cold greens, little bok choy with mushrooms, and a fish from the buffet in Wish Doing (~$4). Overheard Japanese. A drunk guy with a bike argued with a clerk about some advertising poster. I slept early.

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