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Day 12 Shanghai

June 11, 2011

June 7, 2011 (Tues)

Twelfth day in China, eleventh day in Shanghai: MOCA, new friends, tea shop, history museum

I saw the “道法自然 Dao of Nature: Chinese abstract painting” exhibition in the tiny Museum of Contemporary Art in People’s Park. One series had bits of plants painted white and stuck into the pages of things like oversize books.

At the Shanghai Museum I made three friends, two young women (kindergarten teachers) from Hangzhou, and a guy from 内蒙古 Inner Mongolia working in Hangzhou. We drank six special teas in a tea shop.

I went to the 上海历史陈列馆 Shanghai History Museum, which displayed lots of photos of Shanghai from about 1850-1930, and models, of cars people used to drive in the city, old buses, rickshaws, storefronts, coffeehouses, etc.


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