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Day 13 Suzhou

June 11, 2011
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June 8, 2011 (Tues)

Thirteenth day in China, first day in 蘇州 Suzhou: 平江路 Pingjiang Road, 名堂苏州 Mingtown Suzhou Youth Hostel

Ate my fruit and nuts breakfast, ate some 绿豆粥 green bean rice porridge in a small shop on Shanxi Road, and left Blue Mountain. At Shanghai South Station I ate beef and rice noodle soup and some 水饺 boiled dumplings in the station at 大娘水饺. Shanghai South Station is round, with all the waiting areas for different platforms in the center, with a glass ceiling and glass floor between the ticketing and waiting areas. I took a train to Suzhou.

Got off in Suzhou, sucking in concrete dust at the still-under-construction huge train station with these big pyramid things suspended upside down on columns over the escalators. Took the bus to 观前街 Guanqian Road, and got lost. I walked up and down alleys off the main thoroughfare looking for the famous 平江路 Pingjiang Street, which runs along a river. I found 明堂苏州 Mingtown Suzhou Youth Hostel, housed inside of old buildings, complete with little courtyards and wooden shutters. Ate some shengjian and noodles with fish by Guanqian Road. I met my postgrad law student roommate from Wuzhou, in Suzhou for a job interview.



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