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Day 14 Suzhou

June 12, 2011

June 9, 2011 (Thurs)

Fourteenth day in China, second day in Suzhou: 網師園 Master of Nets Garden, 虎丘 Tiger Hill

I ate fried noodles with beef on 凤凰街 Fenghuang Street, then walked an alley past touristy shops and toured the Master of Nets Garden, full of rocks full of holes. I enjoyed the old woodwork and furniture, and the 1000 year old tree beside the pond.

Caught a bus (529) across town and alighted at 虎丘 Tiger Hill. The hill is topped with 雲岩寺塔 Yunyan sita, or Cloud Rock Temple Pagoda, built in the 10th Century. It stands about 47 meters, made of stone, and leans. The trees all over the hill smelled quite good, so after seeing lots of gardens, pavilions and rocks I walked the circumference of the hill, along the water, where whitewashed homes faced me from the other side. In a bamboo grove, one stalk stuck up right in the middle of the path, at hand-height worn yellow, and scratched with the names of passersby.

I left by the south gate, wandered down the street and ate some fresh flatbread. I got soaked in the rain walking from the bus stop, traded my bag for a raincoat in the hostel and went back around Guanqian Street to 老妈米线 [Laoma rice noodles] for some spring rolls, and thick rice noodles with vegetables in a broth that really tasted like chicken noodle soup. Met my roommate from Qingdao and talked for a while.

Wish I could put up some photos to show you Tiger Hill.


PS: If you are reading this blog for the first time, please read the post “Notice” from 6.12.2011.


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