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Day 21 Nanjing

June 23, 2011
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June 16, 2011 (Thursday)

Twenty-first day in China, last day in Hangzhou: bus to 南京 Nanjing

Ate sesame bread, fried egg and milk tea, checked out of Hangzhou Hofang, ate 煎饺 fried meat dumplings and caught the bus to the Hangzhou North Bus Station. At 4:03 bought a 4:10 ticket to Nanjing. Saw mountains and a crumbling factory from the bus. Arrived around 8pm. Took the bus from the bus station in Nanjing to Yunnan Road and walked to Shanghai Road, found the little alley and 南京茉莉花国际青年旅馆 Nanjing Jasmine Intl. Youth Hostel. Ate chopped tofu in spicy meat sauce and egg & tomato soup in a restaurant in the alley. Met my roommate Wei who had just graduated high school and taken the entrance exams.


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