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Day 29 Taishan

June 26, 2011
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June 24, 2011 (Friday)

Twenty-ninth day in China, first day in Taishan: Taian hostel, 拉面 ramen on the food street

Woke early and walked with Janette to the metro. I bought a ticket for Taishan-Beijing. Janette caught a train to Zhengzhou and I ate chicken rice porridge from KFC. On the 动车 high-speed train to Taishan I made friends with Pan, a Chinese guy who assembled his own iPad.

In 泰安 Taian, the city at the foot of Taishan, I got off the train and took a bus in the wrong direction. I passed some guys on the roadside skinning goats and got back on the bus to 通天坊 Tongtian Lane, a narrow street with black buildings, many scooters and many students. The hostel had a colorful gate and enormous beds. I met my Chinese roommate, French name Pierre, an agriculture student preparing to go to Champagne to learn wine-making. The alley behind the hostel was full of street stalls and food shops. I ate 拉面 ramen with meat and tomatoes with egg in a shop where a young guy outside was stretching and cutting the noodles by hand. The ramen had the uneven thickness of real handmade noodles, the soup was flavorful and the meat not too dry. At last I ate Chinese ramen that rivals Kyushu ramen, and at Y7 (about 100 yen, or $1) costs less than even the 380 yen shop. In the hostel I met Hanno, an industrial engineering student from Germany on a graduation trip, and we agreed to climb Taishan together.


Taian ramen shop exteriorEgg & tomato at Taian ramen shopTaian ramen shopTaian ramenTaian food streetTaian alley
Taian templeOutside Taian hostelWest Lake from Leifengta

Day 28 Taishan, a set on Flickr.

Photos from my first day in Taian after arriving from Nanjing. 2011.06.24

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