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Days 24 & 25 Nanjing

June 26, 2011
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June 19, 2011 (Sunday)

Twenty-fourth day in China, third day in Nanjing: 1912

Changed a ticket at the Nanjing Train Station and sat with the crowd on the wharf at Xuanwu Lake. Walked around 1912, a faux-historical district full of fancy clubs (most of which were being renovated when I walked by in the afternoon). I forgot what else happened on this day… 🙂


June 20, 2011 (Monday)

Twenty-fifth day in China, fourth day in Nanjing: Xi’an food, Nanjing U., 总统府 Presidential Palace, 夫子庙 Confucian Temple

Met Jonathan, a Canadian PhD. student in Nanjing researching World War II. We went for Xi’an-style spicy cold noodles and pressed meat pastries. I took the bus to see the Presidental Palace, headquarters of the Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang (國民黨 Guomindang), during the Repulic of China, 1912-1949. A walk down the central corridor is like a walk through Chinese history, beginning with the Qing government buildings, the palace of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom from the mid 1800s, the reception halls from the Republican period, and at the path’s end, the yellow stone Presidential Palace where Sun Yat-sen 孫中山 and Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jieshi 蔣介石) worked. The west side of the complex is full of imperial gardens, and the east contains the drab Western-style stone buildings of the Five Yuans 五院, the governmental offices that attempted to enforce a Republican bureaucracy in China before 1949.

Ate a 黑芝麻团 sweet black sesame pastry walking to Fuzimiao, or the Confucian Temple, which is surrounded by neon lights, street vendors, tawdry shops, restaurants and crowds. Ate a meat bun and noodles with fish in a crowded place. Watched them boiling noodles and wonton in a vat.


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