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Days 27 & 28 Nanjing

June 26, 2011
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June 22, 2011 (Wednesday)

Twenty-seventh day in China, sixth day in Nanjing: café, 中华门 Zhonghua Gate, 新街口 Xinjiekou area

Ate a spicy meat bun from a street vendor and a dozen boiled dumplings in a shop for breakfast. Spent most of the day in a cafe planning my next stop–泰山 Taishan, or Mt. Tai–sending CouchRequests for Beijing, updating my CS profile and my blog, etc. I drank three glasses of tea and ate curry chicken with rice and vegetables and some soup. Bought my 动车 high-speed train ticket to Taishan for the day after tomorrow at the Nanjing Train Station. Sat by the wharf again (always a crowd). The setting sun was round. I took the subway south to Zhonghuamen station, which is surrounded by run-down alleys and dirty streets. I took a bus to the actual Zhonghua Gate up the road, a stone gate in a wall more than 400 years old, now covered with lights and gaudy puppet soldiers. I didn’t go in. I remembered the gate from pictures I saw in the massacre museum of Japanese storming the city.

I took the bus to Xinjiekou, a cluster of department stores, and ate 汤包 soup dumplings and 鸭血粉丝汤 duck’s blood rice noodle soup in a tiny shop stuck facing an electronics mall, run by an old couple. The proprietor asked me about my travels.


June 23, 2011 (Thursday)

Twenty-eighth day in China, seventh day in Nanjing: 北京烧鸭 Beijing roast duck, 回转寿司 kaitenzushi

My roommate Haitao took me out for Beijing roast duck in a place on Shanghai Rd. We ate sweet louts root stuffed with rice, sautéed greens, crispy rice cakes we dipped in thick sausage and vegetable soup, slices of roast duck we wrapped in dough and ate with vegetables, and duck wings. We talked Chinese culture and history. I continued searching for CouchSurfers in Beijing, relaxing in the common area at the hostel. I went out to search for a card reader, and when I returned ran into Mick. He had just arrived in Nanjing. We, another Dutch guy, and an American and a British guy who had both been working as English teachers went out for 回转寿司 kaitenzushi (conveyor-belt sushi). The price was 6 RMB per plate (~$1 ~100 yen). No powdered green tea, no tuna, and nowhere to order fresh pieces, but a good time hearing the varied experiences of teachers and travelers in China. In the hostel I played two games of 围棋 (囲碁) go with my friends. I met my roommate from Sweden, working in the UK and visiting friends from Harvard in China.


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