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Day 31 Qufu

June 27, 2011
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June 26, 2011 (Sunday)

Thirty-first day in China, last day in Taishan, first day in Qufu: 岱庙 Daimiao, 曲阜 Qufu, food street

Hanno and I walked over to the Daimiao Daoist temple. Two main halls with orange-yellow rooftops had colorful blue trim and were surrounded by courtyards enclosed in high stone walls. We climbed the walls and saw Taishan capped in fog. We saw a small iron pagoda and sat under a bronze pavilion, both from the Ming dynasty. We ate ramen in the same Muslim shop I tried before. This time I got cold spicy noodles without soup, and we shared green peppers & egg.

We took the bus to Qufu, hometown of Confucius, and a cab to our hostel. We walked around the streets of gray buildings, and beside a stone wall. Ate chocolates and milk tea in a cafe. At night we walked down to the night market. We ate some spicy barbecued tofu-like food on skewers, then drank Yanjing Beer and ate boiled dumplings outside a shop. Vendors grilled things at their stands as people walked by, the dark street lit by naked incandescent bulbs. We photographed but decided not to eat the meat off dog skulls. As the hour passed ten the crowd disappeared. The manager of the home appliance store across the street gave his employees a pep talk.

One month in China.


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