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Day 43 Beijing

July 29, 2011

July 8, 2011 (Friday)

Forty-third day in China, eleventh day in Beijing: 雍和宫 Yongehegong, flying to 兰州 Lanzhou

2011年7月8日 在中國第43天, 在北京第11天: 雍和宮, 到蘭州坐飛機

I visited the nearby Yonghegong, or “Lama Temple.” Women in ethnic dress sat along the tree-lined path I walked into the compound. I walked through halls of golden Buddhist idols. A great many foreign tourists came to view the Buddhas with me. I cannot help feeling the very colorful temples are like Buddhist theme parks. Sincere worshippers came to burn incens, prostrate themselves, and pray. Some brought children. The famous white statue was covered. The wall of five-hundred arhats carved in sandalwood stood behind, opposite the largest hall. I entered the last hall, and stood at the feet of a giant Buddha. I looked up at the face of a Buddha some three stories tall. Colored banners hung from its palms.

I returned to Dreams Travel Hostel, where I met Bill. Born in Holland, he’d served as a pilot, and lived in New Zealand in the 40’s and Indonesia in the 60’s. In 2009, he lived in Fukuoka.

“You know Rainbow Plaza?” he asked me. He said he’d started an English corner there, where I got my job tutoring English posting on the message board. “What was the name of that station? …Tenjin!”

Michael, the resident travel agent, and also quite a character, joined us in a photo.

“One fat dad and two sons!”

I took the subway to the airport. I drank lychee tea in a cafe, reading about Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, and Qinghai Lake. My 4pm scheduled departure took off at 6:30 (the original arrival time). We flew over mountains out of Beijing, and over desert, and descended over barren hills to Lanzhou. I met Joy in the airport. We took the bus to town, and a cab to the hotel. Out the window sound car horns. Between the high rises shuffle people down a lively street.

Tomorrow: Lanzhou lamian.

明天: 蘭州拉麵


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