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See Shanghai (2011)

June 20, 2012

Dear Readers:

I hope you enjoy these photos from my June-July 2011 journey in China. It’s been a year.


Chefs making xiaolongbao.

20120620-160458.jpgThe Huangpu River seen from the Financial Center.

20120620-160617.jpgFish heads for a hot pot at Haidilao.

20120620-160514.jpgShanghai from above.

20120620-161136.jpgBehind a hotel. They were out every day.

20120620-161202.jpgThe Tongji University classrooms and library.

20120620-161243.jpgShanghai Railway Station after a rain.

20120620-161252.jpgWaiting for green.

20120620-161315.jpgInside 1933, a restored abattoir.

20120620-161333.jpgOn Nanjing Road by an aquarium exhibit.

20120620-161350.jpgInside 1933.

20120620-161414.jpgBy People’s Park in central Shanghai.

20120620-161404.jpgAround People’s Park.

20120620-161445.jpgInside 1933.

20120620-161434.jpgBehind 1933.

20120620-161519.jpgFrom 1933.

20120620-161536.jpgSeveral xiaolongbao (on right, inside the long that cooks them), and a tangbao (soup dumpling).

20120620-161553.jpgFrom 1933.

20120620-161735.jpgOn the subway.

20120620-161605.jpgFried dumplings, called Xiaoyang shengjian ‘Lil’ Yang’s fried dumplings.’

20120620-161753.jpgThe ferry to Pudong on the Huangpu river.

Thank you for reading.



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